The MOST POWERFUL 💫 Healing Tones ꩜ 10000 Hz Full Restore All 7 Chakras 🧘🏻‍♂️ Ultra Shamanic Drums

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🧘🏻‍♂️ The MOST POWERFUL Healing Tones
❖ 10000 Hz Full Restore All 7 Chakras
꩜ Ultra Shamanic Drums
⫸ 432Hz Miracle Healing Meditation Music
⟫⟫⟫ No Headphones Required/ Optional
❖ About This Music
It contains a powerful formula combination,
selected by me with great results,
(be aware that results may vary for each one fo us).

Frequency A | 292 Hz
Cellular Vitality: Resonates with the Ectoderm (outermost tissue) that forms skin, glands, nerves, eyes, ears, teeth, brain, and spinal cord. Assists wound healing, skin and nerve repair, and reduces scar tissue, inflammation, and tumors. Try D if a chronic condition related to A is not improving. Frequency A is a universal frequency (as is G) to try for any condition.

Frequency B | 584 Hz
Nutritional Metabolism: Resonates with Endoderm (innermost tissue) that forms the lining of the intestinal tract, the lungs, the bladder, the urethra, and the auditory tube. It also forms the thyroid, thymus, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. Improves nutritional assimilation, allergy problems, and balances the parasympathetic nervous system. Used for circulatory problems, edema, and lymph problems.

Frequency C | 1,168 Hz
Movement: Resonates with Mesoderm (middle tissue) that forms connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle, and bone. It also forms the heart, blood and lymph vessels, kidneys, ovaries, testes, spleen, and the cortex of the adrenal gland. Used for muscle, skeletal and myofascial pain.* Try D if chronic condition related to C is not improving.

Frequency D | 2,336 Hz
Coordination: Helps to balance the two sides of the brain. May also help reduce and handle stress.

Frequency E | 4,672 Hz
Nerves: Used for spinal and skin disorders and for pain control. Resonates with the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Veterinary experience: Reduces excess calcification such as bone spurs and arthritic joints.

Frequency F | 73 Hz – Harmonic Frequency
Emotional Reactions: Resonates with the subcortical lower regions of the brain. including the thalamus and hypothalamus—two major control centers for body functions. May also help with muscle spasms, facial pain, headaches, and depression. Has been used for non-healing bone fractures and to help balance hormones. Veterinary experience: Improves circulation.

Frequency G | 146 Hz – Harmonic Frequency
Intellectual Organisation: Used for memory, psychological disorders, nervousness, and worry. Resonates with the cerebral cortex of the brain—involved with thinking, imagining, and creating. Veterinary experience: Reduces inflammation and scar tissue on tendons and ligaments, reduces edema, and improves gums. Frequency G is a universal frequency (as is A) to try for any condition.

Meditate towards your connection to your Whole Well-Being,
imagine all your 7 chakras lightening up,
while maintaining the center of your Heart in perfect Balance,
while breathing into the present moment,
let your observation take place,
and embrace your Soul,
as one unconditional oneness of pure light love source,
during your meditation session or mindfulness moment.
⟫⟫⟫ Ultra High Frequencies ❖ 7 Nogier Frequencies ❖ States of Mind
⫸ 10000 Hz ⟫ Full Restore All 7 Chakras ⟫ Rife Hz
⟫⟫⟫ 7 Nogier Healing Frequencies of Body-Mind
⫸ 4672 Hz ⟫ Healing of Nerves
⫸ 2336 Hz ⟫ Healing of Coordination
⫸ 1168 Hz ⟫ Healing of Movement
⫸ 584 Hz ⟫ Healing of Nutritional Metabolism
⫸ 292 Hz ⟫ Healing of Cellular Vitality
⫸ 146 Hz ⟫ Healing Harmonic Frequency for Intellectual Organization
⫸ 73 Hz ⟫ Healing Harmonic Frequency for Emotional Reactions
⟫⟫⟫ 432 Hz ⟫ Divine Vibration ⟫ Meditative Music ⟫ Tuning
© Lovemotives Meditation Music 2020
Do Not Reuse Any of my Music or Videos in any way
It is prohibited to reuse or republish any of my content
Allowed for personal use only



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