Heart Chakra Meditation ☼ Karunesh Rare Heart Chakra Meditation Music ☼

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☼ The Awakened Sun – Meditation Music ☼ Provides 432hz Ilummination through Music Charged with tons of Love! ☼

☼ Relax Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy the Meditation ☼

☼ My main goal is to Provide Illumination and Share the message of Love and Possitivity around the world with the music I create,
with a deep hope in my heart that Everyone who choose to follow the path of the Meditation will do the same!
Music is our unique Universal launguage!
The deeper the Meditation is the more of our questions will be heared and aswered!
Meditate every day, and become the Lighthouse what we are meant to be ! Let the Love guide you ! ☼

☼ For more of my Meditation Music , Here are a few links to my selection in several Playlists ☼

☼ Pure Meditation ♫ : ☼

☼ If You are looking for Reiki Healing Music With Bell Every 3 Minutes Here is my selection of Tracks special for You ☼

☼ Reiki Healing Music ♫ : ☼

☼ Also here is a Mantras Playlist for those who Love chanting Sacred Mantras for inner Enlightement and Illumination ☼

Mantras ♫ :

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☼ Much Love And Peace ☼

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