417 Hz | Activate Tantric Sexual Energy – Sacral Chakra Healing | Binaural Beats Meditation Music

Balance your vitality and sexuality and reach the awakening. The meditation music is based on 417 Hz, the tone known as the “frequency of eros”. This miracle tone is mixed into the sound of the composition. The 417 Hz solfeggio frequency activates you Sacral Chakra and helps to activate and route your deep sexual energy. Listening to the Sacral Chakra sexual energy meditation music facilitates the reviving of vitality, boost of energy and erotic imagination. One of the possible effects caused by regular practice is feeling a couple of decades younger. Binaural beats integrated into the sexual energy meditation music cause the brain to produce Theta Waves. This is the low frequency pulsation that aids the deep relaxation of body and mind. Theta Waves help to experience the deep and fulfilling meditations. Enjoy and Awaken!

The meditation music compositions for each of chakras:
396 Hz, Root Chakra:

417 Hz, Sacral Chakra:

528 Hz, Solar Plexus Chakra:

639 Hz, Heart Chakra:

741 Hz, Throat Chakra:

852 Hz, Third Eye Chakra:

963 Hz, Crown Chakra:


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