Open Crown Chakra Meditation

This guided meditation to open and activate your crown chakra is designed for beginners or those who have some awareness of the chakra system but may not have received formal training on the right way to activate and, most importantly, integrate your chakras into your everyday life. To open the crown chakra, it is essential to have done the work on the lower 6 major chakras first; most importantly; to be firmly rooted and grounded. So we start off with anchoring you to the earth and stabilising your root chakra. We then work up clearing your meridians and harmonising your other 5 major chakras until we arrive at the 7th chakra, the crown chakra. And so the core work begins….

If you have done this a few times and want to jump to a certain section here they are for you:
Introduction to the Crown Chakra: 00:00
Beginning of meditation:1:40
Relaxation and prep:5:50
Activation of the crown chakra: 21:00

Be patient with this process. And remember to set your intention at the beginning of this meditation. Use imagination and all sensory input in order to fuel activation and integration of the crown chakra as, where focus goes, energy flows…Peace to you all, Sarah

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