THROAT CHAKRA YOGA CLASS 🔵 Full Class from Chakra Awakening

This Throat Chakra yoga class is from the Chakra Awakening Series with Carrie Varela – Take all the chakra yoga classes from this program here: ⬇️

This class is for the Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha. 🔵 This is the Fifth Chakra. This yoga flow will focus on poses and movements that help with communication and speaking your truth.

In the Chakra Awakening program, you will explore the chakra system as a whole and gain access to a unique yoga class for each of the seven chakras. You will learn key qualities about each chakra and what it feels like when they are balanced vs. imbalanced. Enjoy a powerful yoga sequence designed to open, activate, and balance all seven chakras in the body. Journey through your chakras for liberation and manifestation. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the chakras and gain awareness of how to use this knowledge in your daily life.

Take the full Chakra Awakening program here: ⬇️

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