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One of the key differences of the Spiritual Teachers and ordinary people is that the Spiritual Teachers have their Third Eye and Crown Chakras very open. That allows for the Universal Wisdom to flow through. The most important Chakras for the Masters are the Heart, Throat, the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and they should be at least 60% wide open. Most of the people have these energy centers open only 5-10-20 in some cases 30%.

Master Mindo is an Enlightened teacher known for his teachings about the Map of Spirituality and helping others to reach Non-Duality, Enlightenment and Full Consciousness. Mindo has helped many people to raise their Levels of Consciousness and to discover their Highest True Potential, Freedom and Power!

Full Consciousness Transmissions One-on-One via Skype:

Master Mindo offers a clear insight into the Enlightenment, Spiritual Openings and Levels of Consciousness (LOC) helping to support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and the process of awakening.

Mindo delivers the silent Full Consciousness Transmission either One-on-One or for groups and holds weekly Satsangs, Meditation Meetings, Workshops and International Retreats.

For more information about these teachings, to receive your Full Consciousness Transmission session in person or via Skype, for upcoming workshops and local and international retreats please visit:

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Master Mindo

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