Tuesday AM tropical weather update: Cat. 4 Hurricanes Iota & Eta landfalls 14 miles & 2 weeks apart

Hurricane Iota became a Category 5 hurricane on Monday and make landfall around 9: 40 PM CST near Haulover, Nicaragua as a Category 4 with winds of 155 mph. This location is 12 nautical miles south of where Category 4 Eta made landfall back on November 3rd. It is just incredible that two Cat. 4s made landfall in November, let alone in almost the same place. Iota has moved inland and it now rapidly weakening. It is spreading torrential flooding rains, storm surge and wind across Central America. It is expected to stay away from the Gulf as a ridge of high pressure builds over the water and this would keep Iota moving west into the Pacific as a remnant low.

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