10 Minute Chakra Meditation

This short, 10 minute guided chakra meditation is perfect for quickly aligning your subtle energy field and coming into a higher state of consciousness.

This meditation will help to cleanse the chakras, awaken and open them, and assist in resonating a more balanced flow through your subtle energy bodies.

As each chakra resonates its pure colour and frequency, it helps to create and birth pure white Light (combination of all the rainbow colours) which creates healing, alignment and greater balance with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual planes.

This guided meditation is best enjoyed with headphones 🙂

By incorporating this meditation into your life, it can help you create more aligned energies within your Being, and promote healing through the subtle levels of your energic fields.

Your narrator, Andrew, is an experienced healing practitioner and weaves healing frequencies and specific meditative journeys to help create a deep, therapeutic response in body, mind, spirit & soul.

Please allow yourself a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed or have distractions, so that you can receive the full benefit from this meditation.

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