Do AgnaAakinai Chakra Meditation – INCREASE YOUR CONCENTRATION POWER (Tips No.53)-In Tamil

Dr.Anandar Chandrahasan is a Modern Free Thinker, Spiritualist, Philosopher, Trainer, Counselor, and Healer. He conducts lot of training programs to individual and groups & preaching his Philosophy on “Enjoying and Celebrating Our Divine Life” to help humanity to enjoy & celebrate the life peacefully & happily. “Why has God created and manifested everything and protecting it? What is the purpose of our human creation? Why we have five senses?” How to live happy and successful life? How to live healthy life without any disease? like some of the very important questions are raised in all of our minds. And Anandar came out with the answers to the above questions through his own newly created Philosophy on “Enjoying and Celebrating Our Divine Life”.

In this video he has given more important tips on increase our concentration power to enjoy and celebrate the life happily and successfully. The full course materials with the title ” The Ways to Increase Our Concentration Power”(60 Tips in Tamil) are available as DVD and online links. He conducts the one day course with more details on this subject also. Those who are interested please contact us.

Contact numbers: +91 9841041478, +91 9941288380


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