Meursault – Weather

Artist: Meursault
Song: Weather
Album: All Creatures Will Make Merry
Year: 2010


By the winter I’ll have risen
And by the summer I’ll be blind
I will meet with you but I don’t know where
And I will spend some time
Just gazing at the glory
And at the horror of it all
And I will be with you in your worst ideas
If I’m to be with you at all

And it’s something that it’s done to you
That you cannot be without
So you stare into the foreground
And all you see are lonely, little statues in remembrance
Of the people that you loved
By the winter they’ll have risen
And by the summer they’ll be gone

I wanted to know a love without guard
Now I’m laying here poorly ‘neath a roof with no walls
And heaven is spread out above these twisted limbs
How I killed the competition and sat in silence ’til the end

And weather gathers
Tethered to ruins
I will sing
I will struggle
I will sleep
I will know no separation
I will feel no certaincy


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