A Kanchha by Melina Rai & Pashupati Bhattarai | Feat. Chakra Bam & Karishma | New Nepali Song 2077

Presenting new Nepali lok dohori song A Kanchha by Melina Rai & Pashupati Bhattarai featuring Chakra Bam & Karishma Dhakal only on Shiva Hamal’s official YouTube channel.

Shiva Hamal Presents:- New Nepali lok dohori song 2077

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🎶 Audio Credits:-

♪ Song:-
A Kanchha
ए कान्छा

♪ Vocal:-
Melina Rai
Pashupati Bhattarai

♪ Lyrics / Music:-
Surya Nepali

♪ Arranger:-
Sunil Pariyar

♪ Recordist:-
Gobinda Parajuli

♪ Mix / Master:-
HBN Kismat

♪ Studio:-

♪ Audio/video:-
Bijay Digital

🎬️ Video Credits:-

🎬 Choreography / Direction:-
Mausam Himali

🎬 Artists:-
Chakra Bam
Karishma Dhakal

🎬 Cinematographer / Drone:-
Ajay Regmi

🎬 Edit / Color / GFX:-
Manoj Karki

🎬 Technical Adviser:-
Rajendra Aryal

🎬 Post Production:-
Luminious Postworks

© Shiva Hamal, 2020

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