Kalaa Utsavam 2020 | Chakra-thon: Pratah Sangeet

Sunrise heralds a new day, awakening nature and mankind to renew the promise of life.

Pratah sangeet – literally “dawn music” – is thus inspiring and rejuvenating. Get an early morning spiritual uplift as Anupama Bhagwat evokes sunrise melodies on the sitar.

Commonly used in Hindustani classical music, the sitar is a traditional Indian plucked instrument with 18 strings, a long neck, and a gourd resonating chamber.

Renowned sitar musician, Surmani Anupama Bhagwat, disciple of Acharya Pandit Bimalendu Mukherjee, has carved a niche with her versatile and eclectic style – her sensitivity and erudition taking her to the highest echelons of the modern genre. She has performed internationally since 1995, at prestigious festivals and conservatories, notably: SouthBank Center (London, UK), Ali Akbar Khan School of Music (Basel, Switzerland), Musée Guimet (Paris), Dover Lane Music Conference (Kolkata). A master in the Imdadkhani style, Anupama exhibits great finesse in her gayaki-style performances, bringing out the lyrical beauty and emotive cadences of the sitar.

Rahul Pophali, a disciple of Pandit Nishikant Barodekar, is a leading tabla exponent and teacher of the Punjab Gharana, with several global performances over two decades. Besides classical tabla, he also collaborates in jazz, flamenco, and other world music genres.

Accompanist: Rahul Pophali (Tabla)

In hindustani classical music, time-specific ragas evoke the cycle of diverse moods and emotions that we experience at different times of the day (prahar) and seasons of the year. Curated with National Arts Council Young Artist Award recipient Nawaz Mirajkar, Chakra-thon is a series of time-specific concerts that run from dawn to dusk.


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