Kalaa Utsavam 2020 | Chakra-thon: Triprahar Raga

The first half of the afternoon is typically a peak period in the daily routine of work and chores, and the midday triprahar (3rd part of the day) raga (scale) is a busy raga that captures the period’s liveliness.

Evoking the bustle of early afternoon, Sangeet Mishra rouses audiences with a vivid sarangi performance of the triprahar raga.

The sārangī is a short-necked string instrument that is played with a bow. Used in hindustani classical music, its sound is said to resemble that of the human voice –particularly with ornamentation techniques such as gamaks (shakes) and meends (sliding movements).

Sangeet Mishra, of the Banaras gharana school of music, is an 8th generation sarangi player. His first guru was his paternal grandfather, the late maestro, Pt. Narayan Das Mishra, from whom he learnt vocals. He learned sarangi from his paternal grandfather, renowned sarangi player late Pt. Bhagwan Das Mishra, and his father, the world-renowned sarangi maestro, the late Pt. Santosh Kumar Mishra.

A versatile and sought-after performer, he is known for his solo recitals, accompaniment playing and international collaborations with musicians from different genres.

Accompanist: Dhaivat Mehta (Tabla)

In hindustani classical music, time-specific ragas evoke the cycle of diverse moods and emotions that we experience at different times of the day (prahar) and seasons of the year. Curated with National Arts Council Young Artist Award recipient Nawaz Mirajkar, Chakra-thon is a series of time-specific concerts that run from dawn to dusk.


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