Chakra Linux 2019.01 Preview

Luca Giambonini has announced the availability of the second release candidate for Chakra GNU/Linux 2019.01, an upcoming major new update of project’s desktop distribution featuring the latest KDE Plasma: “Chakra 2019.01 ‘Hawking’ RC2 released. The second release candidate is ready; except for the Calamares bug, the RC2 is very close to be the final version. What’s new since RC1: added vdpau driver and libraries to enable hardware accelerated video; moved the Kickoff menu from the Latte dock to the top left corner; renamed 2019.01. Fixed: slow start-up in live mode; slow start of Calamares (around 1 minute the first run, caused by fc-cache); update images in Calamares and Heritage. Known issues: Calamares crashes during the partition selection (see bug report). The testing version does not contain the final release name, but it is tagged by the commit tag and date


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