Rik Bakker .7 CHAKRA Meditatie voor Rust Coronavirus muziek (Covid-19). Native American Flute Music

IN BALANCE with the North American Indigenous Flute.
7 Chakra’s,7 Flutes C,D,E,F,G,A and B (Crown Chakra),from the 1-7 Chakra.
I Have used 7 of My Flutesongs.

1 – Chakra.Red ~ Cherokee. Flute in C. Root.
2 – Chakra.Orange ~ The Eagle.(Eagle Mountain). Flute in D. Sacral.
3 – Chakra.Yellow ~ North American Indians Music. Flute in E. Solar Plexus.
4 – Chakra.Green ~ Connected to the World Like a Rainbow. Flute in F. Heart
5 – Chakra.Blue ~ Feels Like Home. Flute in G. Throat
6 – Chakra.Indigo ~ Kokopelli-Spirit over the Grand Canyon. Flute in A. Third Eye.
7 – Chakra.Violet ~ How About Us. Flute in B. Crown.


JORIKI is the power or strength which arises when the mind has been unified and brought to one-pointedness in Zazen concentration. This is more than the ability to concentrate in the usual sense of the word. It is a dynamic power which, once mobilized, enables us even in the most sudden and unexpected situations to act instantly, without pausing to collect out wits, and in a manner wholly appropriate to the circumstances. One who has developed Joriki is no longer a slave to his passions, neither is he at the mercy of his environment. Always in command of both himself and the circumstances of his life, he is able to move with perfect freedom and equanimity. The cultivation of certain supranormal powers is also made possible by Joriki, as is the state in which the mind becomes like clear, still water.

Rik Bakker Whistler for the Voiceless.

North American Indigenous Flutes


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