528 Hz + Root Chakra Healing | Boost Positivity & Reduce Stress | Love Frequency | DNA Healing | 2Hr

528 Hz + Root Chakra Healing Music – Boost Positivity & Reduce Stress, Love Frequency, DNA Healing, Muladhara.

This 2 hr music combines the benefits of Root Chakra healing music with 528 Hz music to boost positivity and reduce stress

528 Hz is known as the love frequency. It is highly connected to nature and has great potential to heal. The reason why 528Hz resonates so much with human bodies is that it is present in many other areas of nature. It is a natural frequency flowing through the Earth, most notably particularly water. This connection to water allows 528 Hz to purify us and our environment. 528 Hz is so powerful because it is so ubiquitous. It has the power to clean our environments and purify ourselves.

The Rook Chakra, or Muladhara, is considered to be the most important Chakra, as it’s the Primary Chakra. Without the Root Chakra being balancing, no matter how hard you try, the higher chakras can not be healed or unblocked. The Rook Chakra is located at the base of your spine, it is the Root Chakra that governs your physical energy and gives you a sense of safety and security.

The Frequencies in this music resonate with the Root Chakra, our fundamental energy center, which can get blocked by fear, anxiety, or worry. This music promotes the healing of the Root Chakra, consequently removing all these blocks and boosts energy and positivity.

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