Kalaa Utsavam 2020 | Chakra-thon: Swara Prabhath

Morning is a time of peak human activity, when the brilliance of the sun fills us with vitality and life.

Welcome the reign of the sun and celebrate its cosmic energy with invigorating swara prabath or morning musical notes, performed by Manish Pingle on the mohan veena.

The mohan veena is a highly modified arch top guitar. It features an additional 12 sympathetic strings (taraf) underneath the main melody strings, to make its sound suitable for Indian classical music.

Trained in Indian slide guitar by the late Vishnu Walivadekar, and a senior disciple of legendary sitar player, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Manish is one of the few top Indian slide guitarists in India. He has performed extensively in India, as well as across Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia. Manish has won accolades performing Indian classical music concerts and also collaborated with international maestros like saxophonist George Brooks, blues musician Michael Messer, French composer Hector Zazou, and African kora player Lamine Cissokho. Manish’s album CALL OF THE BLUES with Michael Messer topped the Transglobal world music chart for three consecutive months and iTunes UK for two consecutive months. Manish has been awarded the title ‘Surmani’ by Surshringar Samsad Mumbai and the Music Excellence award by Camroon Creations Goa. He has also received an exclusive honour from the World Book of Records, London, for his matchless contribution to the Indian classical music. Manish is a qualified sound engineer who has worked on films like Life of Pi, Eat, Pray Love and Basmati Blues, and the TV series Satyamev Jayate.

Accompanist: Tanay Rege (Tabla)

In hindustani classical music, time-specific ragas evoke the cycle of diverse moods and emotions that we experience at different times of the day (prahar) and seasons of the year. Curated with National Arts Council Young Artist Award recipient Nawaz Mirajkar, Chakra-thon is a series of time-specific concerts that run from dawn to dusk.


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