Heart Chakra Introduction: Part 2 (Meditation)

“When you closed up your heart in response to the pain,
it took hold of you. opening up to breathe into it and to contain it completely,
IN FACT HAS THE effect of melting it ways, leaving the heart refreshed AND INTACT.”
– Shay Tubali

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Shai Tubali is an internationally-renowned author, speaker and innovator in the field of inner transformation and personal development. He has developed a unique holistic approach to helping others self-actualize and become the best versions of themselves possible, from physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual angles.

Shai’s approach weaves together a tapestry of thought and tradition from psychology, philosophy, medicine, Yogic traditions, Eastern thought and practices and the most advanced scientific research.

Shai was born in Israel and has lived in Berlin for a decade. He is a trained Yogi with 18 years of study in the field of Eastern thought and Yogic traditions. He is a multi-award-winning author of numerous best-selling books. Ever since he achieved a revelation at the age of 23, he has dedicated his life to helping others live deeper lives that reveal the hidden potential of their hearts, minds and bodies. He is completing his PhD in philosophy in the field of mysticism, self-transformation and Western philosophy at University of Leeds in the UK.


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