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Danger comin at me bitch I see it all the time
Better fix your vibe if you wanna be in my life
No one can fuck with me when my chakras are aligned
I protect my energy cuz bitch I gotta shine

Somethin feels off each time you come around
Like oh my something died and it just can’t be found
Tell me what good would I be to anyone
With no boundaries trust me when I need to lock it down

Friends that you keep, do they
Respect you deep, do they
Suck like a leech
Not the right behavior, just say
I’m sorry love, okay
You’re breakin up, too late
I’ve heard enough
Have to catch you later

Get it right
Do the right thing baby get it right
Fix ya whole vibe I don’t wanna fight
Know you mean well baby take a five and get it right

It was hard but I had to let you go
Said I’m no friend, you’ve never been so right before
Hope you don’t move along to someone else
Without takin time to love up on your mental health

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