Earth Chakras, 7 Amazing Places Filled With Powerful Energy

The Earth Chakras exist because our extraordinary planet is a conscious and vibrant living being as we are. 

Energy flows through each of the main Chakras of the Earth, guaranteeing well-being and vitality. The Earth Chakras are connected by energy circuits called Ley lines. This grid system has been known and mapped for millennia.

By visiting these places, you could feel and perceive synergy and contact with Mother Earth, opening your chakras to it and becoming a powerful universal energy channel.

In this video, we indicate the places most commonly connected to the Earth Chakra system and what they represent spiritually.

Based on the article by Spiritualify:

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Intro – 0:00
Earth’s Root Chakra – 1:23
Earth’s Sacral Chakra – 2:28
Earth’s Solar Plexus Chakra – 3:34
Earth’s Heart Chakra – 4:32
Earth’s Throat Chakra – 5:54
Earth’s Third Eye Chakra – 6:54
Earth’s Crown Chakra – 8:27


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