Song of the Chakras – The Most Important Relationship is with YourSelf

Song about Unity celebrating the release of the Chakra album Songs of the Human Soul, vol 1: Initiation

The album gives a Sanskrit song for each chakra along with the seed mantras.
After going one by one from mūlādhāra through to ājñā, this is the song which comes before sahasrāra, uniting all the preceding chakras

Do you realise right here and now that’s you sitting somewhere in space
What is your deepest desire?
in what do you really have faith
Do you know why it is you’re alive?

🎵composed by Gaiea
Vocals & Exquisite Guitar & instrumentals from Jamie Frankel
Cello, Dave Eggar
🎥 Simon Modery & Fred Burns
🎵 Produced by Jamie Frankel


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