The Return Of Naruto's Deadly Chakra Illness & Naruto's New Transformation!

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After unlocking a new transformation to take down Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto Uzumaki found himself too weakened to stand for long unassisted and while BoruShiki vs Sasuke quickly began to escalate, Naruto quickly became unconscious and unresponsive to Sasuke after the battle with BoruShiki ended. Naruto’s new transformation was stated to come at a great cost, potentially his life if all of Naruto’s chakra was consumed by the form, and Sasuke Uchiha has twice expressed his concern to Naruto about the damage done by this new form. This has lead to many fans openly wondering if this is indeed the return of Naruto’s deadly chakra illness, the same illness that was revealed in the Naruto Retsuden trilogy, and not even Hagoromo was able to recover from on his own. However, is this truly the correct assumption to make? Did Naruto’s chakra illness return or have fans jumped to the wrong conclusion? Well, grab those ramen bowls for this latest Boruto Naruto Next Generations discussion and share this with everyone who wants the answer to what happened to Naruto after using his new transformation and if this is indeed his chakra illness.
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