Why large ships don’t sink in bad weather

Why don’t boats sink? This is a simple question with a complicated answer that you might have asked yourself at one point. Even though you may have not experienced it in person, you have probably seen a giant ship breaking through the towering waves and going up and down during a fearsome storm.

Each time the ship goes down, it seems as if it will never go back up again; but the ship keeps afloat on the water. These heart-pumping moments are popular in movies and TV series and can be quite exciting to watch.

But in reality, it would be a catastrophe if big ships sank during these storms. Luckily, engineers and captains have a few tricks to avoid such conditions.
First and foremost, ships try to avoid storms for a safe journey, and communication plays an important role here. It may be true that “loose lips sink ships”, but in this case, the opposite is true. This communication becomes possible through satellites.

Weather reports can prevent a possible disaster long before it happens. Apart from modern solutions, ancient solutions like ballasts make the ship heavier and enable a more stable ship buoyancy. But, what happens when a ship encounters a storm in spite of all the safety measurements?

You will have to watch our video to find out. If you are also asking questions like “why don’t ships sink”, this video with its interesting highlights and thrilling visuals can help you satisfy your curiosity.

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