Calming Chakra Cleanse ✨🌈✨ ASMR 🎁

Hey all, it’s been a while! Glad to finally have another video for you. In this distance healing chakra cleanse, you can set some intentions with the following and then focus on relaxing into them to get the best benefits:

❤️ Blockages you wish to clear
🧡 An emotion you want to transform
💛 A mental pattern you wish to adopt
💚 A way of sharing love with others
💙 An expression that makes you feel heard
💜 Something you wish to see more clearly
💖 A spiritual practice you wish to adopt

🔮✨🌈 🌈✨🔮 LIVE CALLS with Miss Synchronicity! Let’s explore the Akash together…

The Akashic Records provide a place for us to heal, innerstand, and enjoy a sacred connection with the energy of Aether, our guides, and each other. They are the boundless infinite records of Astral Light and therefore are capable of bringing us peace, joy, and harmony. 🌟 Click the link above to learn more.🌟


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