Nine Goddesses, Nine Chakras

What most people don’t know is that besides the seven known Chakras to mankind, there are two more chakras which are less talked about.

The Nine Goddesses we worship during Navratri, strengthen each of our Nine Chakras and hence it is believed that if a seeker succeeds in getting all their nine chakras activated during these nine days, their journey to liberation accelerates by the power of a thousand.

In this video, we show you each of the Nine Chakras and the Goddesses they pertain to. Take a look and try Activating, Aligning and Empowering them these Nine Days.

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||About Chamunda Swami Ji ||

Chamunda Swami Ji is Vedic and Meditation Specialist. Chamunda is one of the Tantra goddesses and Swami means master. Thus, his name essentially means master of Goddess Chamunda. He is also very family-oriented. His philosophy is that you can be a family man/woman and still experience a spiritual awakening. Therefore, he always says that you don’t have to leave your family or give up material responsibilities to access your spirituality.

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