✔ Yin and Yang Hypnotic Chakras Fusion Effects / Music

We all have within us dual energies. The one feminine known as “Yin” and the other masculine known as “Yang”.
FEMININE qualities:—– MASCULINE qualities:
*receptiveness———- *action
*gentleness————– *decisiveness
*creativity—————- *affirmative
*inspiration————– *communication
*beauty—————— *protectiveness
*healing—————— *compassionate
*intuitive—————– *supportive
A Chakra is an energy center resembling a spiral which turns on itself. There are seven major Chakras. One of the thousand year old techniques for harmonizing Chakras involves the use of certain sounds and music. By listening to the music, you will be able to strike the sound which corresponds to each Chakra. Let yourself be transported by the vibration of the music and ever changing video.
2 – FIRE
4 – AIR
By dancing to your own rhythm, you assist your body to rediscover its suppleness, creativity, beauty and general love of life. Your body has its own steps, its own particular movements and its own liberty of expression. Let yourself be transported by the music’s vibration and hypnotic video. Set off for your own self discovery.
1 – Receptiveness:
Expressed by circular movements, graciously, slowly and gently, as if one was dancing his or her own Tai Chi.
2 – Action:
Expressed by movements which are abrupt, decisive and dynamic, as if practicing karate.
3 – Fusion:
Expressed by carefree, expensive movements which disconnect the processes and rational thought, creating fusion between the phases of receptiveness and action.
4 – Integration:
Expressed by very slow movements of an introverted character. Some moments of pause to feel the fullness and vibrancy of each gesture.
5 – Meditation:
Time of pause to focus on and feel the interior abundance and to canalize the creative energies.


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