The BIGGEST Whirlpools Of All Time

Whirlpools, how dangerous can they be? How deadly are they for human beings, how destructive are they for vessels? Can whirlpools suck ships, boats, or even barges in, or do they pose a danger only for human beings who fall into them?
In these shots you can see how the rafter Steve Fisher got sucked in by a powerful current that the athlete had the bad luck to encounter when descending the Congo River as part of a Red Bull-sponsored competition. Fisher, a world-class athlete, had a run in with the mighty rapids of this African river, yet this was not among the most dangerous whirlpools that exist on our planet, and far from the most dangerous whirlpools that are theoretically possible! Don’t try at home what one of the world’s top rafting pros barely managed to escape from. And that was even with the help of others…
There are whirlpools much more dangerous than along the Congo River! Some of these vortexes in the water pose a threat not only to people but even heavier objects.

A boat?.. A yacht?.. A ship?.. A barge?.. Even giant vessels can face destruction if any of them, separately or together, are sucked into one of these real aquatic monsters!
But let’s start by taking a look at whirlpools themselves. At what they are, how they arise, and what real danger and destructive force they pose.


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