Pooja र Aakash को जस्तै हिट जोडी Chakra Bam र Gita Dhungana को यसरी सम्झिए Oei Kajal को रमाइलो पल

पुजा रआकाशको जस्तै हिट जोडी चक्र बम र गीता ढुंगानाको यसरी सम्झिए ओई काजलको रमाइलो पल

Intro Nepal is authorized to upload this video. Using of this video on other channels without prior permission will be strictly prohibited and also can lead to Copyright Strike. (Embedding to the websites is allowed)

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Guest:- Chakra Bam & Gita Dhungana
Host:- Anita Purakoti
Camera:- Rahul Thapamagar
Edit:- Shalikram Neupane

#ChakraBam #GitaDhungana #PoojaShrma # AakashShrestha #intronepal


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