7 chakra meditation balancing & healing with 3 min per seed mantras

Quick 7 Chakra Cleansing (Seed Mantra) ll 7 Chakra Meditation With Beej Mantra.
3 minutes per chakra will help you to heal and balance your chakra. 7 Chakra with Beej mantra (seed mantra) will help you cleansing and healing your chakras.

Seed Mantras for 7 Chakras ll 3 minutes per chakra.
Root Chakra – LAM
Sacral Chakra – VAM
Solar Plexus Chakra – RAM
Heart Chakra – YAM
Throat Chakra – HAM
Third Eye Chakra – AUM
Crown Chakra – OM
Guided 7 Chakra Meditation :
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Guided Meditation :

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