Signs (3rd Eye) Ajna Chakra is Awakening | Third Eye Symptoms

There are 3 main signs the third eye- Ajna chakra is awakening. The kundalini shakti energy has reached that level. It is a process so it’s not yes or no…but these physical symptoms of third eye chakra opening are to be expected. I explain them in video and take questions!

Goddess in your prime? Stuck on what to do to live your dreams, are you tired and lack of energy, stressed?

I’m a spiritual teacher, yogini and meditation practitioner for over 2 decades. Been featured in Essence, Self, Yoga Journal & Heart & Soul magazines. I provide spiritual coaching (online and audio/video) for any woman ready to live their best, most joyful life!
My focus is on spiritual growth, meditation, manifestation & developing our intuition as the connection to the Divine.

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