Meditation Black ♾ Solar Plexus Chakra ♾ I CAN

Hear My Naked Truth in the City of Jewels.

The third stream of consciousness sound poem from my new collection of original Chakra Meditations: Meditation Black, consisting of 7 pieces of 12:19 each in length. In the key of E, following the Root Chakra I AM in C & Sacral Chakra I FEEL in D.

* Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area
* What it controls: Self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem
* Mantra: “Self-love starts when I accept all parts of myself.”
* Color: Yellow
* Element: Fire
* Stone: Amber

Located in the upper belly at the diaphragm, it acts as the center of personal power. This chakra governs personality, ego, and identity, as well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity.

On an emotional scale, irresponsibility, an excessive need for control, victim mentality, and feelings of helplessness, insecurity or inauthenticity can be connected to this chakra.

By keeping the solar plexus chakra in balance and flowing freely with energy, we can empower ourselves to live with a strong sense of identity, purpose, confidence, and motivation. Instead of obsessing over maintaining control in our lives and relationships, we can develop the personal power to let things go and live from a greater feeling of freedom. With an aligned solar plexus, we can be our truest, most authentic selves in all we do and in every choice we make.


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