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Heart chakra is the connection between the 3 upper chakras and 3 lower chakras. It is the fourth in our chakra system located at the center of chest. Its colour is green, the color of healing and it mantra is ‘YAM’.

The heart chakra is known as Anahata in sanskrit which means ‘the unstruck’. In scriptures it is anahata naad, the unstruck sound. The sound which is there in continuity, without break. We just need to listen and meditate. Meditating on ‘Yam’ or mantra chanting of Yam is the tool to go inside from outside. Once the chakra energy is awakened, we realize what’s inside.

But blocked or imbalanced heart chakra wont let to activate the energies. And we need to open and balance the chakra. The anahata represents the love energy, compassion, forgiveness, change and peace. The two triangles represents the feminine and masculine are in harmony. It is the plane of balance. Balance between the material life and spiritual life. It is not just the love, its unconditional love for self, for all.

The symptoms of blocked heart chakra:
lack of empathy
non acceptance
feeling of disconnect
lack of happiness and joy
not at peace
an inability to trust yourself or others
Holding grudges, not being to forgive
Over Isolation
over defensive
over sensitive
Respiratory ailments, such as uneasy breathing, lung infection etc
Heart Problems
Low or high blood pressure
poor circulation

Meditation on Yam helps to channelise the energy flow to the heart chakra. Keep your focus in the center of chest. If you can imagine or feel green color at the center of chest then its good but if you cannot no worries. You keep your awareness to the beej mantra of heart chakra. Attune and merge yourself with the mantra. Breath, mantra ‘Yam’ and you become the one.

Chant the mantra to heal both the physical and the spiritual planes. Open yourself up to unconditional love and compassion.

Add the affirmation before meditation or chanting that My heart is open to love, I forgive, I love and accept myself, I live in balance, I am grateful and I am loved. Listen to the mantra regularly. Merge into the sound.

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Love and Peace all the way!

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