LIVE SEVERE WEATHER COVERAGE, Several Tornadoes, Gorilla Hail, Damaging Winds

We are live streaming at 1:30 pm CDT as we track an enhanced risk for severe weather including a threat for very large to giant hail, many tornadoes, and Damaging wind gusts of over 75+ mph.

The latest meso analysis along with visible satellite imagery indicates a developing cumulus field over central TX in the wake of the ongoing convection moving into Oaklahoma at 18z. In the wake of this storm, the airmass has stabilized while the airmass to it’s SW is uncapped and primed for further PBL destabilization this afternoon in the presence of deep layer bulk shear of 55 to 70 kts, steeping mid-level lapse rates, significant wind profile backing, as well as surface dewpoints in the low 70’s, will support strong supercells that could be muti-clustered as forecasted on the 17z run from the HRRR. Any of the supercells today down in the Rio Grande area are supportive for robust updraft and downdrafts as well as a giant hail of 3+ inches along with tornado potential as RAP soundings show enlarged curved hodo’s that support orgized supercell structures. Therefore a SEVERE WEATHER LIVE STREAM WARNING Has been activated from 2 pm CDT to 11:30 pm CDT for the possibility of at least 1 sig TORN and extreme hail threats.

Radar and Convective trends will be monitored through 2 pm for an earlier activation if nessary.

Please be sure you have an emergency kit with you along with food and water as you may get stranded or lost.

Who will be joining the stream with me?
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