Chakra Opera 17

Laser Design and Music by Karl Zech Austria.
Music from the Album – Zechlas Chakra Opera 17

80 minutes relaxing meditation music to heal your 7 Chakras. All Chakra Music – Root Chakra – 396 Hz, Sacral Chakra – 417 Hz, Solar Plexus Chakra – 528 Hz, Heart Chakra 639 Hz, Throat Chakra 741 Hz, Third Eye Chakra 852 Hz, Crown Chakra – 963 Hz. Find out my soft music to help you relax, better sleep, happyness for body, mind and soul. Vital energy sound therapy for relaxation and pure clean positive energy. Zechlas has been composing electronic music since 1988, music for relax and meditation.
Meditation music, relaxation music, healing music, Reiki music, instrumental music, Yogamusik etc.


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