Chakra Tune-up with Crystal Singing Bowls – smooth, high quality sound

Tune and bring yourself into balance using the power of Crystal singing bowls! The seven major chakras correspond to the seven notes of the C Major scale, and by bringing our awareness to the chakras as we listen to singing bowls, we can harmonize and tune these energy centers. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. You may use headphones or speakers to enhance the sound. As each bowl is being played, bring your attention to the corresponding chakra and visualize it as being balanced, healthy, and vibrant. Ultimately, visualize each chakra vibrating in harmony with the other chakras.

C Bowl – Root Chakra
D Bowl – Sacral Chakra
E Bowl – Solar Plexus Chakra
F Bowl – Heart Chakra
G Bowl – Throat Chakra
A Bowl – Mind’s Eye Chakra
B Bowl – Crown Chakra

Crystal singing bowls provide powerful sonic frequencies for healing, meditation, and relaxation. By mapping the powerful sounds of the crystal singing bowls to the chakra system, we have developed a simple and easy to use tool for balancing and harmonizing the mind, body, and nervous system. Simply sit back, watch this video and bring your awareness to each chakra as the recording moves through the seven tones. This may be safely practiced as often you’d like.

We hope you enjoy this video and it brings you love, health, compassion, and joy!

Produced by Seth Misterka and Jennifer Deveau of Dynasty Electrik at Mile High Retreat, California.

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