Crystal Chakra Meditation with Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls

This meditation features the power of the Crystals and the
sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls in a 2 hour
All bowls are Antique Chakra notes and will impact thru the
subconscious mind to heal and rejuvenate as well as relax the
body, mind, & soul. Celestial gongs, and a Chakra Bell set are
also played for your listening enjoyment.
For highest quality, full length downloads of Temple Sounds Tibetan
Singing Bowl music please visit the
following websites.

itunes links below:

This music is also available at:
and many other vendors of fine music.

Please go to for more information about Singing Bowls and Gongs and also to purchase Tibetan Bowl Music CD’s as well as to view many Antique and Modern Bowls
for sale.


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