Sudarshan Chakra Mantra | Powerful Mantra | Sarv Karya Siddh Mantra

Sudarshan Chakra Mantra | Powerful Mantra | Sarv Karya Siddh Mantra

Lyrics :

ॐ सुदर्शन चक्राय मम सर्व कार्य विजयं देहि देहि ॐ फट् ॥

Om Sudarshan Chakray Mam Sarv Karya Vijayam Dehi Dehi Om Phat ||

Benefits of Sudarshana Mantra : –

The shloka has immense powers to rid you all of the curses or doshas and freedom from evil thoughts or spirits. All the evil influences that block good things from happening will be decimated by chanting of the Sudarshana Mantra. This is also good for pregnant women who only need to think of Lord Sudarshana. Please remember : the Sudarshana Mantra will ensure the triumph of good over evil.
Please note that the 108 worded sudarshana shloka is not to be chanted as there are certain rituals to be followed. However, the simple shlokas given below can be chanted daily.

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