🔴 Balance Chakras While Sleeping I Manifest Miracles I Attraction 432 Hz

The idea behind this video: Balance Chakras While Sleeping I Manifest Miracles I Attraction 432 Hz, was to create a relaxing sound that conveys peace and a sense of space.

Music therapy stimulates brain waves which allows greater concentration and better reception of information. Also, dopamine is released in the brain that enhances learning and memory. And it is great for study and meditation and can reduce stress. It can also be very useful to transcend and alleviate pain or suffering, raise the vibrational frequency, deep sleep, chakra meditation, alleviate insomnia and enjoy lucid dreams.

Binaural beats have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

The frequencies of binaural beats can affect brain waves, a process called “entrainment.” Examples of crawling are gently rocking a baby to sleep or falling asleep on a moving train. In history it has been used as a ceremonial song to enter trance states. Today, many people use training for relaxation, sleep, or meditation purposes.

The black screen after thirty minutes will reduce the amount of light on some devices to emphasize a relaxing environment.

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