The Chakras "Drifting"

The Chakras “Drifiting”

“Epic, swirling psychedelia that recalls Richard Ashcroft’s gang at their peak.” — Q

“Doves-esque soaring melodies” — The Times

The Chakras release their new single, ‘Drifting’ through Planet Function Records on the 1st August 2011.

This young Dublin born, London based five piece commenced their journey almost two years ago, with an early show supporting Ian Brown in Dublin. Brown immediately gave the wide-eyed but confident Irish chaps two enthusiastic thumbs up, and thus begins their story.

Led by brothers Rocky and Gordo Whittaker, but soul mates since their days at school, The Chakras were hell bent on writing music that evoked some sort of reaction. Raised on a diet of Soul In Heaven era Verve self-belief, and Jesus and Mary Chain’s wanton fuzz, the band took an early hazy blueprint of how they wanted to sound and immediately removed anything that might interfere with their creating of it. They killed off long-standing relationships, resigned from the day-jobs and cut local ties, moved to London and have here made a record that took those noisy, hissing 8-track bedroom demos and transformed the very same songs into swirling, guitar-heavy anthems.

‘Drifting’ is the sound of The Chakras experimenting with their most potent weapons, the voice of Rocky Whittaker and the groove-laden, propulsive rhythms of his band. It’s a huge sounding track and one that could propel The Chakras into the public’s consciousness with a impulsive swagger. It’s as infectious as anything, and a big klaxon call to this exciting new Irish act.

Tracklisting: Movement/Build Me A Swan/Beautiful Sorrow/Slowdive/ Drifting (Take A Walk Inside)/We The People/Blinded/ Make It Tonight/Dark Horizon/Nothing Is Forgotten/End: Beginnings

The Chakras are: Rocky Whittaker (vocals), Gordo Whittaker (guitars/vocals), Richie McArdle (guitars), Bryan Pepper (keys, harmonium), Ian Kane (bass/vocals)

The Chakras Live:

6th July — 93 Feet East, London


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