Dasha Chakra ( War Of Life ) || New Nepali Movie 2078/2021|| Full Movie

Dasha Chakra ( War Of Life ) || New Nepali Movie 2078/2021|| Full Movie

Presentation Of G movie Studio
In Association With Sonal Krishna Films
Movie:Dashaa Chakra

(All the Names, Characters, Incidents and Places in this Film are Fictitious.
Resemblanceto any person living or dead or any incident or place is purely

Few Words About Movie.
(In this story there are three main characters who are keen to work in the
Movie industry and during the course of time, they feel Money is more important
in life and Due to extreme wish of earning money through fast track, they
create bigger problem in their life and this story will show how they deal
with the problem and their struggling life.I hope everyone will like this
movie “DashaChakra” . Thank you,G Movie Studio)

Gagan Sapkota
Sagar Basnet Kaji
Sushan Thapa
Rubina Bista Xetery
Harishran Thapa
Anish Thapa
Ram Krishna Sapkota
Gopal Sapkota
Rajendra Kumar Shrestha
reygan shrestha.
Binod Ranjit.
Diamond Thapa
Arjun Sapkota
Bishnu Giri
Uddav Sapkota
Denesh Thapa
Surendra Shrestha
Krishna Timalsina
Rohit Chalaugain
Suman kc
Gaju Giri
And The Team

Guest Artist
(Shiva Pd Timalsina)

Anish Thapa

Gagan Sapkota

Gagan sapkota
Devraj Acharaya

Devraj Acharaya

Post Production
G Movie Studio
(Panauti Taukhal)

Panchakanya Party Palace(Benepa)
Suryabinyak Furniture (Benepa)
A One Fast Food (Benepa)
Gee 10 Shop (Benepa)
Timalsina jalpan tatha khajha ghar(Benepa)
New Sampana Catering(Benepa).
Madhu shdhan Banjhara
Saino Restro With Guest House(Dhulikhel)
Mukti Pd Timalsina
Ramkumar Sapkota
Shiva Pd Timalsina
Zeeten Dhalaksya
Hari Sharan Thapa.

Ideal Image(Bajbazar)

Gagan sapkota(Sonal Krishna)

Copyright Provided By Gagan Sapkota
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