100% Strong & Effective Open 3rd Eye Frequency Vibrations (THIRD EYE CHAKRA) Binaural Beats Music

100% Strong & Effective Open 3rd Eye Frequency Vibrations (THIRD EYE CHAKRA HZ) Binaural Beats Music By Sonic Elevator – Powerful Brainwave Meditations Called ❖ HALLS OF TRUTH ❖

I know some of you have been waiting for the beats to be back. Instead, I am back with this new 3rd eye meditation strong & effective 100% stimulating deep and mysterious sonic elevator style one of a kind meditation. Not only did I really vibe to this music I created here, but making the custom settings and getting to enjoy a unique meditation is one of the best parts.

Anyone that takes my music for longer, deeper dives knows the reward is in the meditation and enjoyment of the experience one takes when they go deep and give themselves some time for it:) vs. just contemplation or assumption or sitting there reading comments about the video. THE enjoyment and exploration are where it’s at, not in the ideology because we all differ. Sometimes, people who do not lean towards a spiritual side can still enjoy a deep practical theta meditation and enjoy it.

Powerful rhythmic third eye stimulation with third eye chakra hz associated tones blended with a unique progressive brainwave meditation to boot. Pure epicness and enjoyment. So enjoy the halls of truth, and I am sure it will be a deeply profound experience for the right person. It was made with lots of love and care!


3rd eye binaural beats + (THIRD EYE CHAKRA HZ with a broader multi-tonal combo and dynamic theta meditation at heart)

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Sonic Elevator – Powerful Brainwave Meditations ( ORIGINAL ) Music Youtube Channel helps me create a collection of the best meditation music videos for your higher consciousness and spiritual growth through your daily meditations. You will find meditation music that I create with Theta frequency, Binaural beats, Monaural beats, Isochronic tones, and solfeggio frequency in my channel. My goal is for you, the listener, to connect to your higher self-consciousness. As a side effect of the meditation music, you might experience out-of-body experiences, astral travels, lucid dreaming, a relaxed state of mind, healing of your body and mind through relaxation and meditation, stress reduction for spiritual practice, or practical enjoyment. Happy Elevating Love and Gratitude always to all.

I own all 100% rights to all original music I create for Sonic Elevator – Powerful Brainwave Meditations 2021 (c). This is the official channel, and the only place this music should appear on youtube or anywhere.


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