The Sacred Geometry of The Sacral Chakra Step by Step

Here’s how the sacral chakra is made up of sacred geometry with step by step instructions so you can draw it yourself.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Crescent Moon
03:22 The Seed of Life
05:04 Dividing into 12
06:33 6 Petals

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Светлана Степанова
Abdullah paints almahsery
Golden Spiral Bosman
Panagiotis Michael
Keith Doyle
Mirela Ragar
Karen Nissen
Gurie Bosman
Kay Davenport
Janie Mesher
Xander Ordonez
Aravinda Billavara
John Fox
Patty Wiens
Eryn Becker
Taylan Dilek
Jacqueline Korvin (Hi Mom!)
Adelheid Hein
Germaine Rea


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