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When we tap into the unlimited source of spiritual energy by activation of the seventh chakra or crown chakra we have already awaken the divine bliss. It is the place of unification with the shiva and shakti (masculine and feminine energies). The colour of crown chakra can be deep purple, violet, white and sometimes golden. Also known as Sahasrara chakra, located at the top of the head can be called as ‘thousand-petalled lotus’.
Imagine building lighting from 1st floor to upper floors gradually and eventually light up the final floor. Similarly, your whole being glowed up from root chakra or Muladhara chakra to crown chakra or the Sahasrara chakra.

Blocked Crown Chakra

*Our crown chakra is associated with our brain functioning and the entire centre nervous system or endocrine system.
*Does not take interest in pursuing spirituality in his life.

At the physiological and psychological level, he encounters
*chronic fatigue
*poor memory
*weak vision

It is therefore needed to work towards balancing the crown chakra. One need to put in efforts to get rid of mentioned issues due to an unbalanced or blocked seventh chakra.

When we feel connected to crown chakra we begin to trust life, spiritual inclination, mindfulness, feel connected with the universe, joy and ecstasy and develop self-confidence within us.

Heal The Crown Chakra

Meditate on the mantra Om. Om is the seed mantra of crown chakra. “Om” is the past, present, future and the whole universe. Chant the mantra or attune your breath with the mantra of crown chakra. When we meditate everything becomes calm and composed. The arising symptoms due to crown chakra blockage begin to steep fall and inundate euphoria overpowering.

What Om Chanting Does

*Meditating and chanting upon Om, purifies the mind.
*Frees it from distraction and consequently leads the soul towards the tranquil state.
*It is believed that continuous practice leads to profound enlightenment.
*It purifies the environment around you and creates positive vibrations.
*Your concentration increases when you chant this universal hymn.
*It is a good practice for students to chant Om as it improves their concentration and focus.
*When chanted aloud, it does not only benefit to the one who is chanting but also to the people around them wherever its vibrations flow.
*Chanting also allows better control over emotions, helping you deal with problems in life in a better way.
*When you chant Om, a vibration sound is felt through your vocal cord that clears up and opens up the sinuses.
*Chanting Om also has cardiovascular benefits. It reduces stress and relaxes your body that brings down the blood pressure and the heart beats with a regular rhythm.
*Chanting Om can also help you to improve your immunity system and self-healing power.

Sound specially mantra sound is an effective way to balance the chakra. The mantra sound will clear crown chakra on both physical and subtle planes. The beej mantra ‘om’ is the vibration of the chakra which will tune you to essence.

God Bless!!!

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Love and Peace all the way!

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