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Many interesting questions cannot be answered, such as, is the real world truly real, or is it all a projection, a Matrix? Do we have a choice to make our own decisions, or is our world just an illusion and we are already living in a computer simulation created by an advanced civilization of the future. Let us meditate to feel the thin connection between these two alternative worlds. Then decide for ourselves, which one is real?

Solo Driven Music – bringing music and art together to provide healing for your mind and soul.

As with other forms of art, music involves the use of the entire brain. Melodies stimulate the regeneration of neurons and increase brain functioning.

We have decided to build on the latest research into the influence of music on the subconscious mind. The idea is simple: pieces of art and other visuals are combined with harmonious melodies to induce spectators into an altered state of consciousness; to help them become more aware of their inner world and allow the healing power of the harmonies to regenerate both their physical and mental state.

We recommend you interact with our videos in either of two ways:

Firstly, keep your eyes open and observe the images on the screen in a relaxed, seated position and allow the calm sounds to lead you into a light trance. In this state, your body will autonomously change the structure of the neural networks in your brain, which will reprogramme itself for happiness and love. To enhance this effect, breathe deeply and slowly and feel the energy around and within you transform from destructive to joyful, one breath at a time. Once you have found a sense of self-awareness and tranquility, close your eyes, let go of everything and everyone, and dive deeper into yourself.

Secondly, an additional way of using our meditational music would be to just play it and go about your usual business. Allow the high frequencies of art and music clean your space and create a balanced, peaceful atmosphere. And remember that the ultimate goal of life is happiness.


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