Deep Sleep – Third Eye Chakra 432hz | Binaural Beats| Dark Screen | Sleep Aid | 9 hour

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Composed & Mixed by
Mix & Binaural Beats
Ford Productions Atlanta
DROF Publishing, BMI

Video by VIDAL

Executive Producers

©️2021 Monatomic Music

To Learn More about mission to change the world with 432Hz tuning:
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Check out some of our hits so far! @VITAS Official Channel with @Nappy Roots “Roll With The Beat”.

“Someone One Like You”. @The Sugarhill Gang – Topic @DJ Grandmaster Flash and @the furious 5 ”

MONATOMIC MUSIC, (EST. 2018) has already begun Global 432hz Awareness. We have teamed up pioneering legends to re-introduce the world to 432Hz tuning!
Currently working with Monatomic Music are:

Hall of Famer’s, The Sugarhill Gang, who pioneered the creation of Hip-Hop, influencing 3 global generations with their iconic style and classic hits, “Rappers Delight”, and “Apache”.

Hall of Famer’s #Thefurious5 with Grandmaster Mele Mel & Scorpio, voted Rolling Stones Magazine #1 Hiphop song of all time “The Message” !
👉 “Someone Like You”

Mega Russian Opera Star, and MEME giant, VITAS, who will forever be know as one of the greatest singers of all time. His jaw dropping 5 octave range, will give you chills in 432hz as in his International #1 hit, “Opera #2 “, and Global smash, ” 7th Element “. VITAS also recently collaborated with American Grammy Winning Hip-Hop Legends, Nappy Roots on a Monatomic New release, “Roll With The Beat” which infiltrated Russian and China TV airwaves as the first musical collaboration between Russia and America. Unfortunately this received no press in America.🤔
👉 “Roll With The Beat”
👉 “Opera #2″
👉 ” 7th Element”

DIVINE LOVE MISSION, a passion band project by multi-platinum producer, Ford, has recently partnered with to raise awareness and money for their major charities, lifting millions out of poverty. Additional proceeds are being donated to for the advanced research in psychedelic studies in human psychology.
👉 “Become One Tonight”

Shadow Werk, who’s iconic new single in 432Hz “Hell In You” is a deep dive into the soul for integrated healing. This song was recently used as the title track for horror movie, “Gothic Harvest” Staring Lynn Shy, Bill Moseley
👉 “Hell In You”

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“Relax and take a deep breath

Realize there is nothing to fear, but the mind itself. All is mental.

For the next 60 minutes you will experience deep relaxation through Binaural Beats, set to the THETA frequency state (4Hz), followed by 8 hours of soothing rain over a black screen.

This music is perfectly pitched to heal imbalances of the Ajna (Third Eye chakra). It does this through specifically tuned sound vibrations, that resonate with this energy center.

This program is designed to help you ignite creative and intuitive senses, allowing you to become more present with the eternal now, with a stronger ability to see the whole (big picture).

Let these healing tones align you with better focus and sustainable awareness, clearing out brain fog and putting at ease an over active imagination that may be causing your exhaustion, insomnia, headaches or vision problems.

Let this Third Eye chakra healing take place now, so you may better understand your newly discovered power of wisdom and grace.

Sleep Well,

I Love You


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