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All 7 Chakras Healing Sound Meditation
About chakras
In metaphysical terminology, a chakra is a vortex of energy.
On a physical level, chakras correspond to nerve ganglia, where there is a high degree of nervous activity, and also to glands in endocrine system.
Chakras are associated with seven basic levels of consciousness.

Science recognized what the ancient mystics have known for centuries, everything,
including your mind and body, is in a constant state of vibration. As the centres of energy, the Chakras deeply influence your personal vibration. Two primary elements of vibration are sound and color. Each Chakra is associated with specific colors and sounds. That is why, there are spaciffic ranges of vibration, and those ranges are called resonance. As a result, when we are in resonance, we are in balance.
As we experience the opening of chakra, we also experience a deeper understanding of the state of consciousness associated with that level.



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