Thirst💧Pool Of Succubus👿Entities🧿Seperation🎩Chakra🎩💦Sex Addiction🏨Greed💰Brings Heavy😩Debts⚔🚔Played🃏💔

Hey What’s Up Everyone! My name is DivineAngelicGuidance717, LLC. I am an Intuitive High Priestess who is super close to spirit! While on my journey I was awakened to my Divine Purpose in spiritual teaching. I’m excited to help guide you all on your healing journey and assist spirit in directing you on your path, as well as building a close nit tribe to vibe with!

I’m a Scorpio Sun🌞… Pisces Moon🌛….with my Venus in Capricorn💞

I’m an intuitive Reader with a Psychic twist. I use my intuition and also see things while I read. I am a strong believer in meditation and channeling before each read. I like to freestyle and go off of the surrounding energies and as we know they are fluid, so always takes what resonates and leave the rest!🤗🗝 I am a God fearing Divine Feminine👼🏽 who was brought on this path to share my gifts with you! Thanks so much! I’m ready to Vibe Out and have a great time!!! #DMtoDF #Karmic #TwinFlame #SpiritualGuidance #SpiritualHealer

For Tokens of love and blessings for our Channel Please send to Cash APP $Empress0717 💜💜💜😇

For Gifts and Tokens of Love for our Channel
Please send to My P.O. Box c/o Ikeea
3255 Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd
Suite P-138
Suwanee, GA 30024🌈🌞🤗💜🤗

If there are things you guys would like to see please feel free to email me or leave in comments🤗 I am excited to work for and with you all!
Email me at to book a reading🔮😇🌈🌞🏆

Twin Flame 🔥 Soulmate Reading – $55.55

Extended Twin Flame 🔥 Soulmate Reading – $77.77

Love 💘 Reading – $47

Extended Love 💘 Reading – $70

Future Love Reading – $47

Third Party Reading – $52

Career and Finance Reading – $47

Spiritual Warfare Reading – $77.77 (Blockages, Attacks, Karmic Energy)

What They’re Not Saying – $65 (Personally Focused)

What’s Their Karma Reading – $74 (Due to heaviness of energies)

Behind The Mask🎭 Of Divine Masculine Reading – $65

🚨Emergency Readings – $125 They will be delivered with 24 hours of payment🚨

Thanks so much!😇🥰 Grateful 💜 🙏 to be able to walk in my Divine Purpose ✨ 🤗

By Law I Must Let You Know This Is Strictly For Entertainment Purposes Only! 🌈🌞🧿🧿🧿🧿


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