🎧 Balancing the Seven Chakras ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Personal Power ~ Affirmations + 8Hz Frequency

The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura is located in the upper abdomen and is the center of our personal power. It is the 3rd chakra of the physical body and is associated with our identity, personality, ego, willpower and authenticity. It acts as a guiding sun or fire within that can be used to move us forward in life in order to make our dreams a reality. When we feel confident with a strong sense of purpose and are self motivated your 3rd chakra is healthy and in balance. If unbalanced we can suffer from low self esteem, have difficulty making decisions or have anger or control issues, emotional issues, fatigue and digestive issues.

If you would like to learn more about the chakras beginning with the root chakra and how to keep them in balance watch “Balancing the Seven Chakras Playlist” here:
Each Video includes affirmations to bring attention to each of the chakra centres and will help to keep your mind, body and spirit in harmony resulting in better health.

Music: By Simon Wilkinson

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