Give Me | Soul Rock Vishuddha | Throat Chakra Healing Music | Music with Binaural Beats

Please enjoy this instrumental Rock/Pop music with Binaural beats frequency 741 Hz Delta for your Throat Chakra. The track Give Me is from album Soul Rock Vishuddha Instrumental.

Use headphones to allow Binaural Beats to take effect.

The idea behind using Rock and Pop music for healing is that often people find the meditation music boring, which becomes a hurdle during the healing process. Also, to be noted is that good music automatically raises the vibration of the listener.

So we decided to embed healing frequencies of binaural beats into our music for those who are unable to meditate. Simply put your headphones, close your eyes, shake your head, tap your feet and feel the music. Feel the positive transformation, focus and alertness flow through you as Binaural Beats take effect. Enjoy!

Available on most music apps and stores.

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Song: Give Me
Album: Soul Rock Vishuddha
By: Pankaj Goel

Music Copyright: Pankaj Goel. All rights reserved.


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