(ALL) CHAKRA – “Head to Toe/Crown to Root" (42 minute complete healing/tuning 6 minutes per Chakra)

Unique Chakra layout, working from the top down. I have had a lot of requests for this Chakra video, starting at the top; the Crown and going downwards through the Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and ending in the Root, awakening the Kundalini…

Experience the energy gathering into your Crown, bringing the Universe’s energy into you, through you, balancing each Chakra as it descends to the Kundalini, the Root.

Enjoy the beautifully lush feeling that will transport you to a marvelous state of balance and tranquility.

Wonderful series for mediation, Yoga, Reiki, massage, resting, relaxing, walking, or anything you feel like doing. The frequencies will balance and heal your Chakras, as long as you feel/hear the musical soundscapes.

Chakras from the Crown to the Root:

7) Sahasrara/Crown Chakra – Associated with our feeling of oneness with “the ALL,” spiritual wisdom, final understanding, and connectedness with our inner spirit. Unbalanced, the crown chakra can cause a feeling of disconnectedness with the “river of life,” uninspired, feeling misunderstood and self-denial. Sahasrara’s inner aspect deals with the release of Karma.

6) Ajna/Brow/Third Eye Chakra – A strong psychic center, connected with clairvoyance, the subconscious, intuition, imagination, creativity and healing. Unbalanced, may cause forgetfulness, self doubt and the inability to trust your instincts. Ajna, is known as the third eye chakra and is linked to the pineal gland which may inform a model of its envisioning.

5) Vishuddha/Throat Chakra – It is associated with our ability to communicate, our creativity, right brain activities, speech and hearing. When unbalanced, it will cause communication problems, the inability to express our feelings and ideas.

4) Anahata/Heart Chakra – It is associated with our ability to give and receive love, feel compassion and to reach out to others. It is the center of the Chakras, balancing the seven energy centers. When out of balance, you may feel closed off to others, lack of self esteem, insecure, jealous, unloved and filled with self doubt.

3) Manipura/Solar Plexus Chakra – It is connected with the intellect. It is the center of our personal power, our anger, sensuality, strength and the take action part of ourselves. This psychic center is where we experience our so called “gut feelings.” Unbalanced symptoms are mental slumps, lethargy, feeling isolated, feeling afraid, overcautious.

2) Svadisthana/Sacral Chakra – It is associated with sexuality, emotions and desire, also the ability to sense things on a more psychic level. If out of balance, you may feel unresponsive sexually and emotionally, anti social, uncreative and repressed.

1) Muladhara/Root Chakra – It is related to instinct, security, survival and also to basic human potentiality. When out of balance, you may feel tired, overly cautious, afraid of change and cold from weak circulation.

If you want to focus on any particular Chakra(s), you can jump to each using these links:

0:00 Intro
0:06 – Sahasrara or Crown Chakra
6:00 – Ajna or Brow Chakra/Third Eye
12:00 – Vishuddha or Throat Chakra
18:00 – Anahata or Heart Chakra
24:00 – Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra
30:00 – Svadisthana or Sacral Chakra
36:00 – Muladhara or Root Chakra/Kundalini

…Taos Winds Spirit Music’s purpose has always been to create music that puts you in a perfect mental and physical place for your meditation, pondering, Yoga, Reiki, relaxing, and whatever else you partake in spiritually. It heals and balance your being while calming your mind, body and soul.


I hope you are all doing well out there my friends. I think of you all every day.


Relax, let your body heal… Find your Zen again…

Peace to you all! ☥☬☮☯☸

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Taos Winds – Music Downloads:

This music is “Fresh from the Spirit” and “In Tune with Nature!” (432 Hz tuning)

It is said that the 432Hz tuning is healing for us down to a cellular level, our DNA itself is positively affected by the vibrations.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to wear headphones/buds?
No, speakers work fine. Good quality, broad frequency range speakers are the best if possible. Use headphones/earbuds to take advantage of the binaural effect. Or stereo speakers spread apart to feel the affect throughout your body.

Do I have to watch the visuals?
No, the visuals are beneficial at helping you sink off into a deeper state quicker, but it is primarily about the frequencies layered within the music/soundscapes. That is where the balancing/tuning/opening/synchronizing/healing of the Chakras actually happens.



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